WorkTango's new platform, with additional features and updated user design, is live! If you're logging into the new platform for the first time, review this article to learn about the main changes you should expect to see while navigating through.

At the bottom of this page, you'll also find a video that visually highlights all the major changes!


WorkTango's URL has changed from "" to "" Make sure to bookmark this new URL to be able to easily access the platform on your browser.

New User Design

The design of the platform has been updated to make your experience navigating through more intuitive.

Updated Surveys Page

The surveys page has some minor changes, including:

  1. The ability to switch the display of your surveys between "List" and "Card" view

  2. Response rates will show up on the survey card/row so you can see your team's response rate without clicking into the survey itself

The "Overview" Page

When clicking into your survey's results, you will default to the Overview page. The Overview page gives you a high level summary of results both while your survey is in progress and upon its completion. If you have previous survey data in the platform, this page will also provide comparable statistics. Finally, if you are viewing results for a subset of your organization, you will see a comparison from an organizational-wide standpoint. To learn more about the Overview page, check out this article.

Spread by Attribute

At the bottom of the Response Rates and Analyze page, you'll notice a "Spread by Attribute" section. This shows you the spread of response rates or scores for your "primary" attributes, and allows you to click into these attributes to see results for each group in that attribute.

Primary attributes are selected by your organization and are usually the most common ways you look at your data (Department, Location,Tenure, Level, etc.). Typically, a larger spread means more variation across employee attributes, signalling that there may be outlier groups with notably higher or lower response rates/scores.

Factors/Key Factor

Factors are the new categories and every question is linked to a Factor. Factors are major concepts or themes being measured by the survey question. They form an index (average of all the questions within the factor) to help give a “score” for the concept being measured.

Key Factors are overall measures. Key Factors will be separated out in your reporting so that you can see the overall score vs. other factors. An example of Key Factors may include Engagement Index or eNPS while other Factors can include Learning and Development, CareerGrowth, Recognition, etc.

"Compare With" Feature

The "Compare With" feature is available on your survey's Response Rates, Analyze, and Heatmap page. It allows you to compare your results to previous surveys, to the organization-wide scores (if applicable), or other attributes (if applicable). Once you've selected your comparable, the platform will generate graphs to show you how your scores trend.


In the new platform, not only can you export your reporting page's results into Excel, but you can also export a "Summary Report." This is a PowerPoint report that summarizes your survey results. To learn more about exporting, check out this article.

"Action Planning" Section

Action Planning is a new feature that provides users and leaders with recommended actions based on their survey results, and allows users to assign and manage their post-survey actions. These actions can be customized by. task, and can also be assigned to individual and due date.

You can access the Action Planning page through the platform's navigation menu. To learn more about the feature, check out this article.

Training Video: What's Changed in the New WorkTango Platform

Check out the training video below to get an overview of the main changes in the new WorkTango platform!

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