As companies prepare their return to the workplace, we recommend several questions to support you during this transition. Below are example questions to consider. To receive a copy of our best practice template, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Rating Questions:

  • I have access to the things I need to succeed at work when working remotely.

  • I am able to be just as productive while working remotely when compared to my usual work location.

  • I have the technology I need to help me stay connected to my team when working remotely.

  • I am prepared to lead a team which may include a blend of virtual work employees and others who are physically in an office.

Open Text Questions:

  • If you were to stay in a Remote Work environment, what would you need to improve your experience?

  • How can the organization best support you in transitioning back to work?

Multiple Choice Questions:

  • Which of the following activities are you at your best for when you are in the office compared to working virtually? Select all that apply:

a. Completing administrative work tasks

b. Focused work time to complete assignments

c. Creative thinking or problem solving related to my work

d. Collaborating with my peers on work projects

e. Networking with my colleagues

f. Connecting socially with my team

g. Finding and participating in developmental opportunities

h. Engaging in career/development conversations

i. Hosting or participating in meetings with my team

j. Building relationships with clients or customers

k. I was a 100% virtual work employee pre-COVID

  • From your perspective, which of the following considerations will help you safely & effectively return to your pre-COVID work location arrangement? Select all that apply:

a. Enforced safety protocols

b. Receiving a vaccine

c. Improved safety while commuting

d. Other

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