Retaining and inspiring talent for a great employee experience is a large focus for organizations, but sometimes it doesn't work out and employee choose to leave.

Understanding why employees MAY choose to leave before they do, but more importantly, what inspires them to stay with your organization is valuable information towards improving that individual's experience and every employee's experience towards retaining future talent.

Below are a handful of our recommendations for questions to ask for exit surveys and interviews... survey questions for anonymous feedback and measure quantitative sentiment, but interviews questions to really dig into the reasons why employees stay in real-time conversation.

Rating Questions:

  • My direct leader values my ideas and opinions.

  • I have all the information I need to successfully do my job.

  • I have all the resources I need to successfully do my job.

  • I feel recognized for my efforts.

  • I receive valuable feedback to improve in my role.

Open-Text Questions:

  • What do you like most about your job? (Open Ended)

  • What do you want to do more of in your job? (Open Ended)

  • What do you want to do less of in your job? (Open Ended)

Suggested Questions for Stay Interviews

  • What is it about your job that makes you excited to come to work?

  • What are the positive things about your current job/leader/organization that has caused you stay as long as you have?

  • What is your dream job at this company?

  • What did you enjoy about your last position that you're not doing now?

  • If you completely changed your role tomorrow, what would you miss the most?

  • What's the one thing you would change about your job if you could?

  • What new skills would you like to acquire in the upcoming 6 months?

  • What talents or skills do you have that this organizations hasn't made the most of?

  • If you were CEO and could make one change in the company, what would that change be, and why?

  • If you ever did consider leaving, what would it take to get you to consider leaving?

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