In any of the reporting tabs, you can dive deeper into your data by adding filters. You can apply additional filters as long as the sub-groups you are creating have enough data to meet the minimum reporting threshold.


  1. On the Analyze page, click on the Filters button and select the attribute type and then individual attributes that you want to view. Click ok.

  2. To continue adding filters, click on the Filters button again and make further attribute selections.

NOTE: When you select individual attributes from the same attribute type, it will aggregate the selected attributes (ex. if you select the individual attributes Marketing and Sales from the Department attribute group, it will aggregate the results for Marketing and Sales).

When you select individual attributes from different attribute types (ex. Department: Sales and Level: Director), it will filter the data by the combination of filters selected.

In the example below, there are 3 individual attributes selected (Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Z) within the Generation attribute type.

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