Once a survey has been launched, its questions can no longer be edited. However, administrators can edit the survey's expiry date/time, as well as its recipients.

Editing a Survey's Expiry Date or Time

You can extend a current survey's expiry date and time or re-activate a completed one. Here's how:

1. Click on the 'Edit' icon for a survey that is In Progress or Completed

2. Under the Schedule section, you can easily change the Expiry Time at the bottom of the image below:

Once you've selected your new expiry date, click 'Update,' and that's it! Your survey will now be open for anyone that has not filled it out yet.

Adding or Removing Recipients

1. Click on the 'Edit' icon for a survey that is In Progress

2. Under the Recipient section, you can easily add/remove a participant by:

Searching their name in the search bar or by using attribute filters to find the person/people you want remove.

Select the people you want to Add or Remove by checking the box next to their email address. If you are adding people, select the 'Add' button on the left side of the window. If you are removing or resending the survey to people, select the button on the right side: 'Resend' or 'Remove'.

To finalize the addition/removal or an employee, click on 'Update' and select 'Confirm' when the survey summary message pops up.

Please note: you can only add or remove employees to a survey that is 'In Progress' - once it is completed, employee can not be added, only removed.

That's it! The user added will receive the email to fill out the survey and the removed user will no longer be able to respond, or if they have responded already, their responses will be removed from the survey.

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