WorkTango allows you to trend the same questions and factors across different surveys to see how employee sentiment is changing over time. This provides better insight into whether employees' attitudes are changing due to certain initiatives, interventions, or events that have taken place.

How to access Trends:

1) Trends Tab

To view Trends for a survey, select the survey of interest from the Surveys page and navigate to the 'Trends' tab. Once here, click on "Select more surveys" to get a list of surveys you are able to trend. Select as many surveys as you'd like to see trend.

Click on the

There are three ways to view Trends:

1) Trend Page

On the Trend page, you can see trends between specific factors or questions by toggling between the two options. Trends can also be viewed by Month, Quarter, Or Annually.

Select the specific factors or questions you'd like to trend from the drop down menu.

Factors Trending Tab – this view shows how one factor trends against two surveys visually representing how responses compare with a trend line.

2) Heatmap Page

Trending heatmaps allows you to compare any two surveys to each other and easily see the variance in scores for every custom employee attribute by factors, questions, or overall scores.

Click on the Heatmap tab in the reporting dashboard.

To view trends, select a second survey from the survey selection menu at the top left of the page by clicking on the 'Select more surveys' button.

Then, select the attributes you want to look at trends for from the 'Select an attribute' drop down menu. You will then see a heatmap that shows the deltas or difference in score between the two surveys.

Trending Heatmap Tab – this view shows how two surveys compare to each other by every Management Level

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