You can create a custom message to appear at any point within your survey. Some customers use this feature to present a privacy policy at the beginning of the survey, to separate categories of questions or change topics, or to customize a concluding/thank you message.

Follow these steps to add a custom message within your survey:

  1. In step two of the survey creation process, Build, click on the blue 'Add' button at the top left of page and select the 'New Message' button.

2. In the box that appears, you can title and enter the body of the message you would like to appear. Note: as with questions, you can make the message attribute based to select the audience who will see this message.

3. You'll then see your custom message within your list of questions. You can drag and position your message in the order you would like by clicking the Drag icon.

4. Your custom message in the survey will show the like example below:

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