In the 'Configuration' section of the platform, select the 'Employee Fields' tab. This is where you can edit the fields that will make up each employee attribute/filter.

In other words, these are the fields that you will be able to filter or drill into your data by. The only required field is 'Employee ID' which is also the the employee record's unique identifier.

To add a field, click on the blue '+' sign on the top right corner to add additional fields.

If an employee field is toggled as 'unique', this means that employees can use that field's value to access and complete surveys using a kiosk/URL landing page.

Primary Attributes: Primary attributes are attributes that will show up on the reporting dashboard in the Response Rates, Results, and Analyze tabs by default. You will always have the ability to access all of your attributes/filters, but primary attributes will be available front and centre of your reporting pages for easy access.

You may edit or delete any custom attributes by clicking the edit or delete icons to the right of the name of the attribute in the attributes list.

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