Being a part of an M&A is a drastic change for two cultures that require an understanding of employee sentiment through change and amidst uncertainty. 

Everyone knows that change is hard. In fact, D&B Consulting quoted that 70% of change initiatives fail. Why is this? Chron highlights three challenges of Business Transformation, including lack of consensus, communication, and employee resistance.

When you’re able to connect with your employees and ask them the right questions, it can make a huge difference in understanding, as well as communicating and progressing through an M&A in a smooth and effective way. To give you a jump start, we have included a listing of suggested questions to help improve any M&A initiative. To see all M&A questions and to receive a copy of our Mergers and Acquisitions Survey Template, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Rating Questions:

  • My job duties have not changed significantly since the merge/acquisition.     

  • I believe the announcement of the merge/acquisition was handled well.     

  • I feel that efforts were made to answer the questions that existed after the announcement.    

  • I have access to all the things I need to be successful in my job.

  • I feel valued as an employee of the NEW COMPANY.  

Multiple Choice Questions:  

  • How would you define the pace of the integration?  (Too slow: it effected my productivity or relationships, Too fast: I don’t feel we were properly prepared, Just right: there was minimal impact)    

Open-Text Questions:

  • What comments or suggestions do you have on how to improve the announcement of major changes in the future?

This connection with your employees through an M&A will allow them to feel heard and understood, as well as educated and taken care of during these unstable and sometimes scary periods of change. While change may be inevitable, chaos isn’t, and when you’re able to stay connected to your employees, you will have a much higher chance of facilitating a successful change and navigating through any issues—which you will be able to pinpoint and improve due to amplifying and listening to Employee Voice.

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