Effective leadership requires that we listen to employees, but more than that, it’s crucial to ensure that leadership is actively engaging employees in order to create an environment in which the company can succeed.

Below are several questions we recommend you ask your employees in order to gauge their sentiment about their leaders. It will give you a deeper understanding of where your leaders are strong, and which areas they could use further support in. For a listing of all best practice leadership questions and a copy of our Leadership Survey template, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Rating Questions

  • My leader encourages me to perform my best every day.

  • I am comfortable discussing my concerns and needs with my leader.

  • My leader understands the challenges my team faces.     

  • My leader provides the  autonomy I need to do my job (i.e., does not "micro-manage" by getting involved in details that should be handled at other levels).  

Open-Text Questions

  • What does my leader do well?

  • What could my leader improve upon?  

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