There is a lot of effort within organizations to retain and inspire talent.

But sometimes it doesn't work out and employee choose to leave. Understanding why employees choose to leave also helps us build a better employee experience to retain future talent. 

Below are best practice recommendations to ask in exit surveys. To receive a copy of our Exit Survey template, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


What are the top 3 reasons you are leaving?

(Benefits, Career development, Commute Distance, Company culture, Compensation, Direct Manager, Ill health, Senior Leadership, The job itself, Relocation of spouse, Retirement, Starting own venture, Time-off policies, Work-related travel)

Rating Questions

Information and knowledge was shared openly within our organization.     

I felt supported by my teammates and colleagues.     

I was confident in the abilities of our senior leadership team.     

I spent quality 1-on-1 time with my manager.     

This was a good place for me to develop my career.     


If you are leaving for another company, what company are you joining?  (Open Ended)

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