Whether it's a first day, 30, or 60 day check in, or all of the above, it's important for companies to understand the sentiment of new employees.  All this effort and resources were used to find talent, it's important to understand how to retain that talent.

Below are example recommendations for different stages of the onboarding experience. To receive a copy of our best practice template, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

First Day Check-in

Scale: Strongly Disagree - Strongly Agree

  • I was provided adequate and accurate information about the organization during the recruitment process.

  • I was kept informed of where I stood as a candidate throughout the recruiting process.

  • I experienced an enjoyable, informative and smooth recruitment process.

  • My interview process was managed effectively and in a timely manner.

  • During my interviews, I was asked questions relevant to the position.

  • Please indicated the reasons why you joined this organization (Open text).

30/60-Day Check In

Scale: Strongly Disagree - Strongly Agree

  • The responsibilities I have in my job are at level with my experience and abilities.

  • My direct manager has communicated his/her expectations clearly.

  • I understand the critical objectives of my role and how they fit into my department's goals.

  • I am comfortable communicating openly with my direct manager.

  • What additional information, tools or training would have been helpful in your on-boarding process?   (Open Text)

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